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Jon’s passion for music has been a driving force in his life since an early age. Born and raised in Leigh in Lancashire and now living in Otley, Yorkshire, Jon's musical journey began when he first picked up a guitar at the age of 11.

Over the years, Jon honed his skills and diversified his musical repertoire, experimenting with various genres such as rock, blues, folk, and jazz. His versatility as a musician has allowed him to collaborate with a wide range of artists and explore many different aspects of the music world.

Jon has a captivating stage presence and a soulful voice that resonates with audiences. His music transcends boundaries, weaving together heartfelt lyrics and intricate guitar arrangements that touch the hearts of listeners.

Jon's commitment to music extends beyond his own artistry. He is an advocate for music education, believing in its power to inspire and shape the next generation of musicians. He has conducted workshops and mentoring sessions to nurture young talent and pass on his knowledge and passion for music.

Jon’s dedication to his craft, coupled with his deep love for storytelling through song, has established him as a respected and cherished figure in the music community. With each performance and composition, he continues to inspire and uplift his audiences.

He released his first solo album, We all Share the Same sky, to great critical acclaim in 2020. The follow up, In Sight of Home, will be released through Flying Folkie Records in early 2024.

‘Jon Budworth, a very powerful and charismatic performer.'

Coppull Folk Festival.

‘We were blown away with newcomer Jon's brilliant cover of Nic Jones' CANADEE-IO.' 

Sale Folk Club.

'Jon showed all his guitar virtuosity in a great set .'

Unity Club, Wigan.

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