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 I started playing the guitar at the age of 11 teaching myself from any books I could find, beg, steal or borrow. My early 'repertoire' included such timeless works as Blowing In The Wind and Mull Of Kintyre, basically anything that didn't involve playing an F chord! At about the age of 14 I discovered Jethro Tull and was absolutely blown away, especially by the albums Songs From The Wood and Heavy Horses. These albums were my first introduction to folk music. albeit more folk rock than traditional.

Like most teenagers who play the guitar I soon began to harbour ambitions of becoming a rock star! This led me to the electric guitar which has been responsible for leading me astray for most of my playing career to date. However, a couple of years ago I chanced to see a video of John Renbourn playing English Dance. It's a stunning performance and after quite a struggle I  learned to play it. This in turn led me to learning more of Renbourns tunes and from there discovering other fantastic musicians such as Richard Thompson and Nic Jones.

I recently moved to the bustling market town of Otley in Yorkshire. It has a vibrant acoustic and folk scene and I'm out as often as possible peddling my musical wares in the many pubs, clubs and venues.